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Charly and Alan! Two beautiful humans who didn’t need the glitz or glam to tie the knot, all they needed was 20 of their closest friends and family, a stretch of beach and a bbq. And that one sentence pretty much sums up their barefoot, beach elopement on central coast. They wanted to keep things as low key and ‘them’ as possible. Everything was created by hand, with lots of help from friends and family, from the ‘pews’ through to hair and makeup, even all of the food.

Charly + Alan’s Central Coast Elopement // Pearl Beach

Weddings and Elopements

Central Coast Elopement Photographer

So here! Meet Kelly and Jake! They had originally planned to postpone their wedding until after things settled down, however they had a change of heart and somehow pulled together one amazing wedding day in just a few weeks! Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by their favourite 20 people, eating good food, telling hilarious and heart felt stories under the stars at the top of a hill in the Hunter Valley???
Sounds amazing right! I can tell you for a fact that it was! But just in case you don’t believe me, scroll down and see for yourself!

Jake + Kelly’s Hunter Valley Wedding, Lonely Goat Olives

Weddings and Elopements

Hunter Valley Wedding

We car pooled together up to the Blue Mountains. I pulled out some tunes, ft. Leon Bridges, Rufus and ABBA, then we ran around and had a good time. I feel like you can sense just how happy and carefree they are when you look at these photos. This is just the start of the epic love story that these two are going to write over their life time and I am so stoked that I was able to document the season they are in right now so that they can remember it forever.

Kelly + Jake’s Blue Mountains Engagement Session


Blue Mountains photographer

Cue their EPIC CLIFF EDGE ELOPEMENT IN THE ROYAL NATIONAL PARK!!! With just three friends to witness, myself and their wonderful celebrant Jess, they hitched themselves together for life in one of the most personal ways I have ever seen. There was happy tears, champagne, groovy tunes, a picnic with Finnish chocolate, whale watching, woodfire pizza, a stroll through the streets of Newtown and gelato from their local haunt! This may have been a small celebration but it is one that will have an everlasting impact on me.

Anni + Josh’s cliff edge elopement, Royal National Park

Weddings and Elopements

I love that boudoir sessions can be moody, flirty, seductive, artful, fun and playful all at the same time! With beyonce playing in the background, we had a great time playing around with soft light, silhouettes and outfit changes. Amy opted to start out full glam but then we toned things down for a more relaxed and fun vibe towards the end.

Boudoir Session // Sydney


The two cute, little blondies here are my very own nephews! With just a few hours of sunlight before lockdown came into effect, I popped over to have my final hold of baby Liam for a little while and to grab some sweet snaps of his early days of life. My mysterious but adorable nephew Caleb wasn’t loving the idea of sitting still for photos so we rolled with what we could! Which honestly just adds to the memories and helps to make these photos truly them!

In home family session // Sydney


I had the pleasure of meeting this cute family at a wedding I was photographing! I was pretty obsesses with this little girl and her sweet smiles that I was ecstatic when they reached out for a session! We opted to head to a spot in Camden just on sunset to capture those golden vibe and though it was a little chilly, it didn’t stop any of the smiles!

Sunset Family Session // Camden


Sydney Family Photographer

This little family session at Palm Beach in Sydney is a very special one for me. I have had the absolute pleasure of capturing sweet memories for Robyn and Scott on numerous occasions! First their engagement, then their wedding and now with first baby, Zali! For me, my job is way more than taking photos. It is about documenting legacies and building life long friendship with my clients, which Robyn and Scott are prime examples of!

Sweet Family Session // Palm Beach Sydney


If you have stumbled upon this post, there is a good chance that you are engaged! If so, CONGRATS!!! That is so fun!! And honestly there is no better way to celebrate than to have an adventure based completely around you and your love! CUE AN ENGAGEMENT SESSION!!!

Top 8 Engagement Shoot Locations // Sydney


Blue Mountains Engagement Shoot

I met Jess and Chris on the morning of their wedding in their hotel room as they got ready together. They then strolled through the city, arm in arm, as they headed to their favourite bar in order to exchange vows. Then, with just five family members present and the lovely Victoria Eustace to marry them, they made a life long commitment to each. You can just see the love and admiration they have for each other beaming out of their faces with every shot.
They celebrated with burgers, beers and a sneaky frolic in some hidden back alleyways.
Doesn’t get any better than that now does it?!?!

Urban Sydney Elopement with Jess + Chris // Bitter Phew, Surry Hills

Weddings and Elopements

Cam and Nikki’s Sydney Wedding at Ovollo Hotel did not disappoint! Not because it was beautiful and incredibly aesthetic (which it most definitely was), but because it was a celebration filled with laughter, happy tears, original poetry, song serenades, puppy dogs, greek dancing, speech heckling, Kahoot and most importantly lots and lots of mushy love.

Cam + Nikki’s Harbour Side Wedding – Ovollo Hotel, Sydney

Weddings and Elopements

It was freezing cold up on this mountain top amongst the wind and the rain, but I’m pretty sure that it just made the whole ordeal that much more fun. Noah and Ally vibes for days!!!!

Rainy and Wild Couples Session // Steph and Ben // Blue Mountains


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