FUN FACT - On my first day of Design School I was asked what type of photography I liked. I answered by saying 'anything except people, I really don't like photographing people' ... OOPS! 

Truth is, I thought it was all models, fashion and stiff awkward portraiture... not my jam! 
It was whilst studying that I learned you could capture people in an authentic, honest and humble way. That you could tell a story and communicate emotions all through how you photographed a person... That realisation changed my world!


Wedding enthusiast,
tea connoisseur, and diy dreamer. 

Hi! I’m Amber!

Wedding enthusiast,
tea connoisseur, and diy dreamer. 

I am wife to my favourite person in the world and am the self designated 'fun Aunty' of the family.
I need a cup of T2 to start my morning, 'Blue Mountains Breakfast' and 'Banana Bake' are my main jams but I can't go past 'Caramel Brownie' on my more indulgent days! I'm wild, I know!

My go to favourite movie is 'Remember The Titans' and I was once a little too obsessed with the tv show 'One Tree Hill'

Documenting legacies,
because life is worth remembering! 

Authentically You!

the mission

To capture the season of life you are in with all of the goodness and emotions that fill it! If I can take a photo that in twenty years time, still reminds you of and fills you with that same joy you had in the moment it was taken, I've done my job! 
I like to think of myself as a creator of little, happiness
time-capsules rather than a photographer. 

I'm here for belly laughs, ugly cries and you can bet I want to document your hot dance moves too! 

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