Welcome to my world of real life story telling, where laughter and celebration are a must!

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Hi there, I'm Amber, photographer of over 100 weddings and even more couples and families which means I know exactly how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. 
I know every timeline trick and wedding day hack to ensure that your day runs smoothly, capturing every sweet moment without keeping you away from the party! 

I want to capture the season of life you are in with all of the 'goodness' and emotions that fill it! If I can take a photo that in twenty years time, still reminds you of and fills you with the same joy you had in that very moment it was taken, I've done my job! I'm here for belly laughs, ugly cries and of course some pants splitting dance moves. 
I know it sounds a little corny but I believe that photos of the people you love most in the world really is the gift that will never stop giving. 

You might be thinking, 'that's great for people who feel comfortable in front of the camera, but that just isn't us'. Don't worry, I get it! It can feel so foreign being in front of a camera. So how can we make those candid, laid back and fun images happen?
It's pretty easy actually... We become friends! I want to feel like an old mate and the best third wheel you could ever have, all so that it doesn't even feel like you're on a 'photoshoot'! Rather, I want it to feel like you are just on an adventure with a friend. That way we don't even have to try for the laughter and candid moments... they just happen, NATURALLY! 
I'll bring music so we can get in the vibe, I'll dance and make a fool of myself so that you can loosen up, I'll tell some jokes because I'm freakin' hilarious and we will just have a great time! It really is that simple, I promise!

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"We are SO happy we chose Amber to take our wedding and engagement photos! Right from the get-go she made everything so easy. She was super organised and responsive to emails, as well as being such a friendly person to work with. On the day of our wedding, Amber was brilliant! Our guests were so charmed by her and many asked if she was a friend of ours because she fit in so well. She kept us on schedule all day and directed us in a fun and natural way. And of course the main thing – the photos – are just so beautiful!!"

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Brittany & Damian