Palm Beach Micro Wedding // Soth and Danny’s surprise!

Weddings and Elopements

Soth and Danny choose to go the intimate route to celebrate their marriage! AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?! IT WAS A SURPRISE!!!

Yep a surprise wedding! Not even their parents knew!!! Can you imagine the restraint to keep that a secret!! Gah!

All the guests arrived expecting an engagement party however as they rolled up to the beautiful Bible Garden, Palm Beach they were greeted with a sign hinting at what was to come! A few minutes later Soth arrives in a beautiful, champagne gown and we cue the happy tears! Within moments Soth and Danny exchange sweet vows and they begin their forever together!

We then snuck away, down onto the beach, to grab some snaps before strolling over to The Boat House, Palm beach for the festive celebrations to continue!

I can really get around surprise wedding days! People should do them more!

CEREMONY – Bible Garden, Palm Beach

RECEPTION – The Boat House, Palm Beach

CELEBRANT – Married by Kim

xo, Amber

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