Cam + Nikki’s Harbour Side Wedding – Ovollo Hotel, Sydney

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Offt what a celebration this was!!

Cam and Nikki’s Sydney Wedding at Ovollo Hotel did not disappoint! Not because it was beautiful and incredibly aesthetic (which it most definitely was), but because it was a celebration filled with laughter, happy tears, original poetry, song serenades, puppy dogs, greek dancing, speech heckling, Kahoot and most importantly lots and lots of mushy love.

And guess what… it all started in the FRIENDZONE! That’s right about 5 years ago Cam and Nikki became friends whilst working at the same Costco! They were work colleagues and friends, but definitely nothing more from Nikki’s side of the deal. With persistence and charm, Cam’s sweet and gentle nature began to shine through and Nikki started to consider ‘rezoning’. After agreeing to a first date that application for rezoning was given a big stamp of approval and they have been inseparable ever since!

One thing that I really admired about their wedding day was that they didn’t let traditional norms dictate how their day should run. They got ready together in the morning with Cam stepping out only once Nikki was getting into her dress, they opted for a first look with all of their immediate family present to get those pre-ceremony nerves out of the way, Nikki had both of her parents walk her down the aisle together and they had the best man’s mum marry conduct their ceremony. Every single moment was personal, intimate and completely them! The way it should be!

Check out the magic below…


Dress: Grace Loves Lace

Hair/Makeup: Diva Makeup

Music/MC: White Clover Music

Styling: Nikki, the bride herself!

xo, Amber

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