Kelly + Jake’s Blue Mountains Engagement Session


Blue Mountains Engagement Session

Well, this day was amazing!!!!! Does anything beat sneaking away to an epic cliff edge to watch the sunset with your best friend? That is How Kelly and Jake decided to spend their Blue Mountains, engagement session…and I think it was a pretty great idea!

I’m not going to talk too much as I will let the photos speak for themselves but just know that all of the laughing, giggles and quiet moments were all very very real. Kelly and Jake are incredibly playful, always down for a good time and as mentioned before, they are genuinely crazy about each other!

We car pooled together up to the Blue Mountains. I pulled out some tunes, ft. Leon Bridges, Rufus and ABBA, then we ran around and had a good time. I feel like you can sense just how happy and carefree they are when you look at these photos. This is just the start of the epic love story that these two are going to write over their life time and I am so stoked that I was able to document the season they are in right now so that they can remember it forever.

Man, Blue Mountains engagement sessions really are one of my favourite things I get to do!!

I told, pretty magical right?!?!?!

I knew you would agree!

xo, Amber

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